Our international network of Change Guides affiliates provide a wide range of change consulting, training, products and support. Some are distributors. Others are Certified Change Management licensees that stand ready to assist your team in creating a strategy, implement a change plan, or coach executive leadership on the pitfalls and best practices of todays change management landscape.

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Change Guides LLC

Towers of Kenwood (map)
8044 Montgomery Rd. Suite 700
PMB# 70083
Cinncinnati Office: 8044 Montgomery Road, Cincinnati, OH 45236 Cincinnati, OH 45236
Ph: +1 (513) 354-9503
Fax: +1 (253) 369-8884

EO Consulting, CA

Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Ruth Younie

The Right Side, AR

Esmeralda 950
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Laura Montiel

Serving :: Argentina, Mexico, Bolivia, Paraguay, Uruguay, and Chile