Train the Trainer

Train-The-Trainer Approach

If there are a lot of people in your organization that need change management training, Change Guides offers a train-the-trainer option to individuals within organizations that are able to deliver Change Guides material to students with the high level of quality that we always strive for. 


We offer train-the-trainer options to train:

  • One Day Best Practices in Managing Change Class
  • 2.5 Hour Managing Change in an Agile World
  • 2 Day Agile Change Management Class
  • 3 Day Change Management


The approach outlined below is for experienced trainers or change management practitioners who will provide the above trainings as part of their internal training program per an Authorized Internal Training Provider Agreement. The TTT trainees must be certified in Change Management or Agile Change Management through Change Guides prior to completing the TTT Session.

The TTT Session is a half-day/one-day (depending on what training you are being certified to teach) of interactive preparation for the internal trainer(s) by a Change Guides trainer. Facilitator Training Materials included in the session are:

1. A Microsoft PowerPoint version of all slides.
2. A complete set of instructor notes for the slides, in the PowerPoint Notes view.
3. Microsoft Word files containing the worksheets that accompany the course.
4. Microsoft Word files containing a description and outline of the seminar.
5. Suggested time allotments for the various sections of the course.

Contact Change Guides for pricing on the Train the Trainer Sessions for our training classes. Call 513-354-9503 or email